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Benefits of Playing Diablo 3 Hardcore Mode

Once a player died in the hardcore, he will not only lose items on that character but also lose the character for ever. What’s more, Blizzard is not responsible for the death and loss of players’ hardcore character for any reason such as Internet lag, bugs or whatever. Is there any benefits for playing this mode?

It’s just a harder way of playing and testing yourself. Playing a Hardcore character will make you plan ahead more and play much more carefully as you only have one shot. Once you die, you are gone for good. The main difference between normal and hardcore mode is the challenge, special achievements and things to show off how awesome you are. Such as new banner sigils, a separate ranking ladder, and the name of your hardcore character etc.


And there are some details about advantage of hardcore mode as following:

1.Your name is displayed in a different color from the rest of the players. 

2.Hardcore-only achievements. 

3.You can only form teams with other hardcore players. 

4. But in Hardcore, players can earn special Achievements for killing bosses and reaching level thresholds on a Hardcore character. Many of these Achievements have special rewards, such as banner designs.

In general, that being said for actual advantages the main thing is that there will be no Real Money Auction House, and only skilled players will be able to survive, so once you get past normal you can be sure that most players will be skilled and you will not run into players who just bought Diablo 3 gold and D3 Power leveling.

Anyway, although this mode is attractive and challenging, but it’s not smart for new gamers to play this mode.




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